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Life Balance+
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When we learn more about our family and personal dynamics we can leverage success in our careers and entrepreneurship to make an impact on the world..

Our purpose allows us to connect all areas of our life to create a better world.

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Dynamics of your purpose
Have you ever experience....?

Feeling of being stuck
Your purpose manifests in different ways, dynamics, or patterns known as conflicts, problems, or frustration.

Our session helps you understand how these dynamics can work in your favor to reach your goals.

Our sessions...

  • You will gain more clarity on the particular situation you want to work.

  • You will find resources where before there were problems.

  • You will understand of particular situations that keep appearing in your life.

  • You will gain awareness of blind spots in your life and relationships

  • You will see an alternative for solutions where before there were obstacles

  • We will finish the sessions with a sense of direction and/or first steps.

We will work the path together as far as you want, but crossing the final line will depend on you. We can show you the way but never push you to walk more than you are ready for.

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"Systemic constellation sessions has brought to my life transformation, and more than a profession; it has become a lifestyle. I am passionate about sharing everything it did for me and adding my own work: The dynamics of our purpose. These dynamics are deeply rooted in our family and society."

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Life Purpose?

Many times in life we disconnect from our real purpose or we walk through life without finding it.

When we connect without real purpose we can balance all areas of our lives and manifest the life we want.

Our purpose gives us direction and works as a tool to decide our lives. It is more than a nice-sounding line. It is a powerful tool to transform our lives and manifest our dreams.

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Sana tu relacion con tu familia, trabajo y dinero
  • Hay 3 areas en nuestra vida que necesitan estar en equilibrio para sentirnos plenos y felices.

  • Nuestros talleres se enfocan en estas areas para lograr nuestras metas de vida

  • Las dinamicas inconcientes o puntos ciegos nos pueden estar limitando en un area por lo que nos sentimos fristados, cansados, con ansiedad, o estresados. Imagina cuando complejo se hace cuando tenemos estas dinamicas en cada area. Nuestros talleres te ensenaran herramientas para trabajarlas.

  • Podemos moverno hacia adelant y alcanzar nuestro verdadero destino. Sanando el destino familiar encontramos nuestro propio destino y re-escribimos la historia.

Siguenos para los siguientes talleres o agenda tu sesion individual.

Familia feliz
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Pronto..2023 workshops
  • Mi relacion con el dinero y la abundancia

  • Creando relationes conscientes

  • Encontrando el equilibrio en mi vida (personal y laboral)


Dejanos saber tu interes por los talleres.


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