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Systemic Approach + Purpose = Coaching Session

Ideal for you if...
1. You have a goal that for some reason can't reach
2. There is something in your life that you don't want anymore
3. Would like to have more clarity and understanding about a specific situation
4. There is a recurring situation/ problem in your life

This is perfect if...
- You have a repetitive problem
-You have tried many things and nothing seems to work out
- You keep finding different obstacles to your goals or dreams 
"Problems don't want to be solved, they want to be understood"
Individual Session
Group Session
Training & Workshops
1 hour session: $100.00

Discount available 20%   until January 2023
1 hour session: $80.00
Physical or Zoom Sessions

Located in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria.
We will work according to your goals. We will move forward to find solutions and create the life you want.
Para personas de latinoamerica tenemos un precio especial de $60.00. Usa el cupon al reservar tu sesion online.
2-hour session: $40.00 - $60.00 per participant

Special discount for companies or teams.
Our group workshops are design for our community. It is a space to share, heal our history and transform our circunstances. All participants benefits from the systemic constellation practice. The exercises are design to help everyone to gain some insides and reach their individual goals.
To see all our workshop check our website. Soon more available
Our Systemic Constellation consists of up to 6 people from the same team or company. 
Free informative session for your team or business.

Please contact us for more information:
1-hour/ 1.5 hour session: $150.00

Special discount for the first training and more than 8 hours of training.
Physical or Zoom Sessions

Located in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria.
 Zoom Sessions for international workshops

In-person Workshop in  Los angeles, and Santa Barbara
Para personas de latinoamerica tenemos un  descuento de $15.00 para los talleres en espanol. Revisa nuestro Calendario de eventos y utiliza el cupon para inscribirte online.