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Constelaciones del proposito

Crea la vida y empresa de tus suenos

We support entrepreneurs, professionals, and teams to connect with their purpose * so that a major change in the world can emerge

We provide solutions for life and business. We create systemic awareness to transform our internal world and create change with purpose. 

We are all connected in the process of transformation. The world is waiting for your potential today. We help you to reach your potential to create a better life and business with purpose for the world.

Arquitectura del proposito sistemico

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I have created a unique framework to work with people and businesses. The heart of our interventions is the *purpose*. Whether you are working to find the purpose of your life or the purpose in your business or team, understanding our deep connection will help you discover solutions and a new path of action!
At Systemic Purpose Consulting, we work together to discover the real cause and understand the unconscious dynamics in our lives and businesses to create authentic and long-term change

We started in 2015. Our goal was to spread awareness and practical tools for creating the life and business we want. 
During these years, we learned how vital these tools are for businesses and entrepreneurs. We have been working to help people succeed in their personal and professional lives. 

Book an appointment if you want to try this new technique and discover what life has available for you!

I would love you to hear more about it!

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"El emprendedor es aquel que tiene la mision de conectar y crear realidades de nuestros sistemas."

Gracia Andersson


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